You explain the benefits of the genomic test you recommend to your patient in your clinic.

When your patient makes her/his informed decision that she/he is ready to have the genomic test you recommended, you can help your patient to fill out correctly the consent form for genomic testing either electronically or by using the paper-based consent form.

You explain to your patient that she/he needs to be booked for another appointment to take a DNA sample from her/him, and she/he needs to follow the following 4 simple notes before attending her/his appointment for DNA collection:

  • Note 1: You should not eat or drink for at least 5 hours before your appointment for DNA collection.
  • Note 2: You should not have any hot food or drink at least 24 hours before your appointment for DNA collection (hot food or drink means any food or drink with a temperature over 37°C, which is your body temperature).
  • Note 3: You should not brush your teeth or rinse your oral cavity with any mouthwash for at least 5 hours before your appointment for DNA collection.
  • Note 4: You should rinse your mouth with a small amount of plain water immediately before collecting your DNA sample. Please bring a small bottle of plain water with you to your DNA collection appointment.

Please remember that you need to leave at least 10 working days between the date of sending your request form to Genomic Medicine UK and the appointment date you choose with your patient for DNA collection. This gap is necessary for Genomic Medicine UK to receive your request form and dispatch the proper DNA collection kit for the test you requested for your patient to your registered practice address. We usually send either a buccal swabs collection kit or a saliva sample collection kit, according to the requested test. We only send special blood collection kits for circulating tumour DNA (liquid biopsy) tests.


You go to the Genomic Medicine UK website and visit the page of the genomic test that you would like to request for your patient, where you can order, fill your brief referral letter and pay your invoice immediately, at your special rate.

If you like to be invoiced and pay later for the test you would like to request for your patient, then you can use our electronic request form or the paper-based request form.


As soon as we receive your electronic or paper-based request form, we will post to your registered practice address a complete kit that contains everything you need to collect an adequate DNA sample from your patient. This kit contains all the equipment you need to collect a sufficient DNA sample, step-by-step instructions and a prepaid return envelope to return the DNA sample to Genomic Medicine UK.


You post your patient’s DNA sample back to Genomic Medicine UK by dropping the provided prepaid envelope to your nearest post red box.


We will complete your patient’s genomic analysis at our accredited and ISO9000 certified laboratory within 8 weeks of receiving your patient’s DNA sample.


Our consultant medical doctors will interpret and report your patient’s genomic analysis results, which will be uploaded as a protected PDF file to your encrypted folder in our secure cloud server within 8 weeks of receiving your patient’s DNA sample.

We can also post you a printed copy of your patient’s genomic analysis report upon your request.

Please remember that you can request to have a fully customised report that includes your name, your practice address and your practice logo. If you choose this option, we will send you a separate cover letter, signed by Genomic Medicine UK to endorse the fully customised report you requested.

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